Meet R P Cathouse Brandy of Mollymaines!  She will be Little Bears lady cat when old enough. We will have RED kittens!


Maine Coon Cats available in Central ILLINOIS.

  We are looking forward to our 2018 litters

    Thanks for stopping by! We have created this website so that we may share our love for the beautiful Maine Coon Cat with others.

    We are long time cat lovers yet newer to the pedigreed cat breeder portion of this journey. At Mollymaines Maine Coon Cats, we now have three momcats-Miss Cupcake (GC Bordeauxcoon Cupcake of Mollymaines) and her daughters, Mollymaines Princess Fireball and Mollymaines Angels Envy aka Spot.

     Cupcake and Princess are Brown Patch tabbies while Spot(Angels Envy) is a brown classic with white girl. 

     Our first litter of Mollymaines kittens was our Rainbow Litter: producing red boys, a solid black boy, a tortoiseshell girl and a brown patch tabby/white girl(Princess Fireball). The judges have shared our love of the kittens, honoring them with quite a few ribbons.  Our Tortie girl, Dolly, has made her home in Maryland with her new mom, Stella, of RP Cathouse and Meanu Catteries.  Mollymaines Hello Dolly of Meanu is keeping her new mom busy!  We are thankful to be able to keep in touch with her.  Our solid black kitten found his people in southern Missouri and is loving life with his new "older sibling".  Mollymaines LIttle Bear, red with white mackerel tabby boy, will sire a couple of litters for a breeding friend.  Princess Fireball became a first time momcat in July 2016. She and her beau, Pugsley(a red/white mackerel boy) produced a fantastic litter of 5 kittens.  We were blessed with a Brown Mac boy, a Red Classic/White boy, a Tortoiseshell girl, a Red Mac/White girl and a Brown Mac Patch tabby/White girl.

      Please check out the Kitten Plans Page for updates and Maine Coon Cats available in Central Illinois! We will occasionally have Maine Coon Cats for sale as adult retirees as I would prefer to let momcats go to their forever home before they are 4 years old. You can also catch up with us at Mollymaines Maine Coon Cats on Facebook!