Congratulations to Coco and Bear who blessed us with a wonderful litter of 7 kittens just after the new year.

Born were three females, two brown patch tabbies with varying amounts of red patching, a tortie with white and four males: three black with white and one brown classic tabby with very low white.  We will be watching the females to keep one here with us and will make the others available.  If you have an interest in a kitten from this litter please contact us and we can talk.  Reservations will be opened in late April.

​We reserve the right to refuse placement of any cat or kitten at any time.

Mollymaines-Maine Coon Cats

Congratulations to Brandy & Bear on their 2021 litter

Brandy & Bear are proud to announce the latest of the Mollymaines kittens:  born in July were 5 all red mackerel pattern kittens.  At the moment we are fairly certain that we have 3 males and 2 females.  At this stage we are pleased that all are eating well and growing.  This is a very crucial time in their little lives and we feel very blessed that they are here.  Eyes are open and I know that they are listening to every single thing I say to them, much to their momma's dismay.  The joy that they bring us is unbelievable and when we are finally caught up on sleep, possibly we will realize that!  At this time all are under our personal observation to stay with us.  With that knowledge in mind, please feel free to keep in communication with us about a potential red mackerel kitten to join your family.  They cannot and will not all stay here with us.