Maine Coons-Kitten Reservations

​We reserve the right to refuse placement of any cat or kitten at any time.

Mollymaines-Maine Coon Cats

     While we have a wonderful presence on FaceBook and do chat with quite a few potential pet families there, please understand that merely chatting with us about a kitten is by no means "reserving" your place to get a kitten.  We do not keep any type of list of those with an interest.  We tried that for awhile but with only having two-three litters a year, we found that we were holding places for families that had found their perfect kitten elsewhere while waiting on us.  We are happy for those families but want to make sure that our kittens find their forever families as well.  

​     When thinking of adding a kitten to your home, please understand that these kittens are family and as such, we will work hard to find the best fit for both humans and felines alike.  Without keeping a reservation list, we do expect that those with a serious interest in obtaining a Maine Coon from Mollymaines in Central IL, keep in touch with us about this interest.  We would love to get to know you and your family so we can best help you in your choice of a new feline family member.  We do our best to keep the website and FaceBook updated for your convenience and our excitement!  Think of it like this;  If we are speaking weekly then most likely you will be aware of the kitten potential coming up before it even makes the website or FaceBook.  We appreciate knowing where our kittens will be living and whet their family homelife will be like.  Vet information and permission to speak with your vet is required before we move along in the kitten process.  Honest talk with us is THE BEST!  We appreciate it and also share it with those inquiring about our kittens.  If you have a question, please ask!

     When a litter is born, we typically will not share any pictures or information about the maine coons until they are roughly two to three weeks old.  So much happens in that short period of time and we are extra busy taking care of mom's and babies along with working full time jobs outside of the home.  By the time we begin sharing this information publicly,  kittens may already have families with interest expressed.  This is part of the reason we ask for families to keep in touch with us!  We do accept reservation deposits of $300 when kittens are 8 weeks old.  By then we will have shared pictures, videos and other information with those who have kept in touch and expressed a desire to get a kitten from Mollymaines Maine Coon Cats of Central Illinois.  At 10 weeks of age, we will allow families to choose their kittens in the order that deposits were made.  Kittens go home anywhere between 12-16 weeks, depending on their individual litters readiness.

     All kittens will go to their new homes having had 2 vaccinations for feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia.  We give our own vaccinations(many times with the help of our vet, as I am not the best with needles) and use Fel-O-Vax + Calicivax.  This is a killed vaccine that does not contain the extra vaccine for Feline Leukemia.  All kittens are wormed twice before going to their new home as well.  Depending on the litter, kittens will get either one or two vet visits to make sure all is well with mom and babies.  New families are asked and expected to prepare for their kittens homecoming prior to the designated pick up date.  Create a safe and quiet sanctuary room for your kitten to live in for his first two to three weeks in his new home.  Kitten proof this room and make sure that all of your kittens necessities are here.  A new litterbox filled with the same litter he is accustomed to here along with fresh water and food are a great start.  Remember that Maine Coons are well known for their affinity to water, so you might want to place that water dish in a short plastic bin that is not easily tipped over. 

     Your kitten will come to his new home in a brand new carrier that has no smells in it but those from his home with us.  We provide a blanket that has been sitting in our home as it will have his "home scent" on it for his comfort.  We always send home a couple of toys, some treats and more information than you may wish to have on hand BUT we prefer to provide too much information vs. not enough information.  We want the transition to be a smooth one for all involved.  Unless we have arranged pick up "at" the final vet visit, you will be required to take your kitten for a well visit with your new vet within 72 hours of being in your home.   PLEASE remember that cats going to new homes are like kids going to a new year of school in a new town.  Expect that there are going to be sneezes(cats do sniff), runny eyes and possibly loose stools.  The kitten is in a new environment with new viral germs.  Do your best to ease the stress level on your kitten.  Keep him away from all other family pets for a minimum of two weeks with a higher likelihood of less viral transmission when kept in the sanctuary room for three weeks.  It's hard but worth it in the long run!   We have done it too.  Cats coming into our home are in their sanctuary room for three weeks before introductions even begin.  The benefits outweigh the risks involved in letting a new animal out into the home with all the others.  This way, if someone has a viral infection, you are not treating an entire house of pets.  You are taking care of one that has not had any opportunity to share his germs with others.