DZCOONZ  HeavensDoor of Mollymaines

aka Coco Loco

Coco comes to us from our wonderful breeder friend, Deb, with DZCOONZ.  Sharing her lines with us in such an adventure in trust.

DOB-June 16, 2019

Dam-Prairiebaby HeavenSent of DZCOONZ

Sire-Tufts'N Ruffs Galaxy-of-the-Stars

​DZCOONZ Bonnie Rose of Mollymaines

Bonnie Rose...The epitome of friendlly, sweet and in your face love.

DOB-April 29, 2018

Dam-DZCOONZ Peekaboo

​Sire-Tuffs'N Ruffs Galaxy-of-the-Stars

Oh Bonnie Roes, what a love bug you are!  Our most hearfelt thanks to

Deb Zeller of DZCOONZ  for sharing her best with us.  We love our Bonnie Rose and all of the headbutts and kisses she has added to our lives.

Mollymaines 4Roses

aka Rosie

Our sweet Rosie is out of Little Bear and Bonnie.  I love brown mac patch girls with a little white and Rosie is the whole package for us.  Such a sweet momcat and best buddies with Coco.  Rosie and Jameson have shown us some pretty special kittens, as well, in their first litter.

We reserve the right to refuse placement of any cat or kitten at any time.

Mollymaines-Maine Coon Cats

R P Cathouse Brandy of Mollymaines

Brandy, you're a fine girl.  What a good wife you would be! 

Dam-R P Cathouse Ring O Fire

Sire-R P Cathouse Mr Mr

Our sincere thanks go out to Stella Gaylor of R P Cathouse for trusting us to love and care for this girl as she lives life with us as a mom  cat.